Dr Zoran’s Pets

Blondie and Jazz, Snowbell, Boo, Splash, Lilly and Fluffy


Dr Jayde’s Pets

Hank, Jasper and Jax


Hank is Jayde’s 3 year old Bull Arab X, adopted from a rescue shelter. He is a lovely gentle giant full of cheeky quirks.

Jasper and Jax are brothers who came to Fountain Gate Vet Clinic as strays, and helped mend Dr Jayde’s broken heart after her two older cats passed away.

Dr Jayde’s cows are affectionately called Lunch and Dinner. Jaffa is a mischievous little pony that is a good lawnmower and great fun for Dr Jayde’s two young kids. The alpacas are the funniest little creatures who make the cutest noise. Only Martyr will spit!

Pete is a sucker catfish. Spot and Sophie are 3 year old goldfish.

Dr Steph’s Pets

Max, Nala and Penny

Max and Nala are Steph’s two Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Max enjoys snoozing in the sun, and despite being 8, has not outgrown his destructive puppy tendencies. He has a habit of stealing everyone else’s toys and trying to fit into places a 50kg dog cannot fit! He’s smart enough to let Nala do all the ‘hunting’ for food while he cleans up the leftovers.

Nala is the accident prone ‘middle child’. Nala provides the staff at F.G.V.C with plenty of frustration over her various calamaties, whether it be finding herself backed into a corner by the clinic foster kittens or once again falling over the exact same pot plant in Steph’s kitchen. Nala has a heart of gold her favourite hobbies are finding the warmest, softest place to take a nap and going on car adventures with her humans. Nala is also a Blood donor for the Melbourne University Veterinary Clinic in Werribee and the F.G.V.C when needed.


Penny was a stray kitten handed in to the clinic before stealing her way into Steph’s heart (and living room!). A cunning hunter, there is no doubt that Penny has her human companions wrapped around her tiny paws. Fortunately, the extent of her hunting success extends only to stealing yoghurt from the fridge. Her favourite hobbies are hunting for bugs and bullying her canine housemates.

The Nurse’s Pets

Gomez, Rev and Jaffa

Maddie’s fur family consists of her two horses, Rev & Welty, her Golden Retriever, Jaffa & her cat, Gomez. Rev & Welty are retired competition horses currently living a life of luxury & keeping Maddie poor (but she wouldn’t have it any other way).

Jaffa is approaching his 15th birthday & is going strong. He has been a member of the family since he was 8 weeks old and is absolutely adored.

Maddie adopted Gomez as a stray when was about 5 years old. He was a very aggressive & angry young man but with lots of love he has turned into a great cat. He is full of attitude & character & really is more like a dog. Maddie & her husband have taught him to sit, stay, come & beg on command, but only when he can see that they have treats in their hands, of course.

Mac and Mumma Cat

Mumma Cat and her three little kittens were brought to FGVC as a stray. She was a doting mother to her kittens, and the foster kittens that followed. After her babies (and foster-babies ) were rehomed she got a bit too comfortable on her chair in the clinic office and a little too good and stealing tuna from the nurses, so she was adopted by Ashlee. Now affectionately known as ‘Lil Mumma’, she has trimmed down her figure and taken up residence in Ash’s spare bedroom. She enjoys sneaking outside when Ash does the washing and catching mice.

Mac is a 7 yr old Rottweiler and a goofy and loveable member of the Fountain Gate V.I.Ps. Mac came into Ashlee’s life when he was nine months old. Mac is a playful boy who loves his stuffed teddy bears, his fur sister Mumma and spending hours swimming.

Captain Jack, Summer and Sterling

Captain Jack is Kat’s handsome chocolate seal point ragdoll. He is currently 7 and a half years old making him Kat’s fluffy old man. Jack enjoys time to himself to have a nap and likes to have his fur brushed and his belly rubbed. He is usually found napping in front of a fan on a hot day.

Summer was a rescue kitten Kat adotped at 8 weeks old. And while not being a true tortoiseshell in colour she certainly tries to live up to the Naughty Torti name. The middle child, Summer has a loud purr and is a bit of a talker. Her favourite toys are mousies and the laser pointer. She has a habbit of stealing leafy greens out of the rabbit hutch.

Sterling is Kat’s newest little handful. He was surrendered to FGVC with his two brothers. As his brothers grew it became apparent Sterling was the runt of the litter. Unable to resist, Kat took him home. He has made himself at home beautifully and while off to an initial rocky start is slowly becoming friends with the other cats. While he is still very small for his age he has sprouted into a stunning looking little man and what he lacks in size he makes up for in his bold outgoing personality.

Whiskey and Cookie


Whiskey is Kat’s “country bunny”. Originally named “Bruno”, Kat felt with his gorgeous sooty fawn colouring Whiskey was a better fit. After a brief introduction to Cookie on a bunny play date it was “bromance” at first sight. The two have been inseparable since. Whiskey being true to his “country” nickname loves being outdoors and enjoys sitting out in the rain.

Cookie is Kat’s non-lop lop with beautiful butterfly markings. He is obsessed with dried cranberries and unlike his brother Whiskey, hates sitting in the rain.

Smokey and Millie