Depending on why your pet has been presented to the vet clinic, we often have to perform diagnostic procedures to determine which is the best treatment option for your pet, including  radiology, blood tests, endoscopy and ECG. Radiology
We have in-house X-ray facilities that enable us to investigate many health problems and injuries.

IDEXX blood analyser
We have an in-house blood analyser for cases that require immediate results or for pre-anaesthetic profiles that can be taken on the day of surgery.

ECG machine
Some dogs and cats may have heartbeat irregularities. We can use our ECG (electrocardiograph) machine to identify and treat these appropriately.

Blood pressure machine
We have a specialised blood pressure machine to allow us to take the diastolic blood pressures of both dogs and cats.

Our endoscope and bronchoscope enable us to investigate the oesophagus and stomach as well as the trachea and bronchi. We can take tissue biopsies from these areas and send the samples off for analysis.

Other procedures that are performed in the clinic include blood tests, urinalysis, faecal analysis, biopsies, skin, ear and eye testing.

We use the services of two major Melbourne veterinary laboratories for comprehensive sample analysis.