Our Services


Consultations at the FGVC are available seven days a week including most public holidays by appointment.

During the consultation your pet will receive a full physical examination and there will be the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have. If your pet is ill, further diagnostics may be performed during this time as well, or in some instances your pet may require hospitalisation.


Vaccinations for all animals are able to be performed at FGVC. Puppies and kittens have a series of three initial vaccinations, followed by annual vaccinations.

Rabbits may also be vaccinated, usually from the age of three months onwards. We vaccinate ferrets with a standard C3 vaccination.



It is compulsory that all cats and dogs in the state of Victoria are micro-chipped. Registration on the microchip database is life-long with a single fee. At FGVC we register all implanted microchips with Central Animal Records.


Depending on why your pet has been presented to the vet clinic, we often have to perform diagnostic procedures to determine which is the best treatment option for your pet, including  radiology, blood tests, endoscopy and ECG.  (more…)


We perform a large variety of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries at the clinic.
Surgeries range from procedures such as desexing, caesareans, biopsies, wound and fracture repairs, tumour and lump removals, and exploratory surgeries.

Routine surgeries are performed Monday – Friday.


After Hours

We refer all of our after hours cases to the Animal Emergency Centre in Hallam.
Address: 18/151–159 Princes Highway
Contact number: (03) 8795 7020
Website: http://www.aecvets.com.au

House Calls

Home visits can be arranged; however, there is an additional fee for this service due to time and travel costs. If further treatment and diagnostics are required, the animal may need to be taken back to the clinic for the appropriate care. We recommend allowing 48 hours notice if you require a house call.

Adoption Kittens

We often have young kittens up for adoption through the clinic. Our feline adoptions are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and wormed. If you are looking to adopt a kitten, please contact the clinic


What to expect when you visit your Veterinarian

Your veterinarian is not just your dog or cat’s general practitioner. Veterinarians are experienced in routine surgery and diagnostic medicine and unlike your local doctor, veterinary hospitals usually have a wide range of equipment on site, meaning we can run most diagnostic tests and treatments in one place. If there is a serious problem, your veterinarian may recommend a visit to a veterinary specialist. Your veterinarian will be able to provide you with prescription medication for your pet, usually at the time of consult.